Hire A Helper

Good news: We PROVIDE MOVING HELP AS WELL NOT JUST LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVES. Scope out our local Helping staff waiting to be the muscle to your moving hassle. HireAHelper is one of the sites we are well connected with and we can come out and lo/unload your vehicle for your move. Our movers are speedy, strong movers, pre-vetted and ready to serve you.

(Insert sigh of relief.)



Unpakt is the only website that lets you create a move plan once and compare instant guaranteed prices from reputable movers that can service your move.

Compare prices • Book it yourself online • Save 45% on your moving costs.

Unpakt Offers Guaranteed Prices Not Quotes or Estimates

  • All prices are based on your inventory and location details
  • You’ll see exactly how much it costs to move each item
  • Only pay for what you end up moving. Didn’t move an item? Don’t pay for it.
  • We are able to provide exact Guaranteed Prices using our algorithms and exact pricing info from our movers. We have a good client base here as well on unpakt.com

You can find us on Thumbtack.com as well.

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